Pre-install (for Quest 1 / Rift S only)

- The lenses on your headset have rings around the lenses. These need to be removed before installing the prescription adaptor.


- Test fit by aligning an adaptor to the matching side of the headset, and snap it in place. It should go on without too much force.

- Mark the position of the nose bridge lightly on the edge of Zenni lenses so you can match it with the alignment notch on the adaptor.

- With the adaptor detached from the headset, align the Zenni lens. The lenses should curve into the adaptor (see picture, so when you wear the headset, the lenses curve in the normal direction).

- There are three snap points that hold the Zenni lens (see picture). With the lens latched to two of the snap points, firmly push the lens into the last snap point. It should snap into place with some force. The adaptor is designed to fit the lens snugly.

- Clean your lenses and you should be good to go!