Parts needed

- 2x 3D printed parts

- 2x Tectonic TEBM35C10-4 drivers

- 2x Custom audio cable

- 3x Velcro cable ties

All parts should snap fit. No gluing necessary.

Some Notes

- Read the instructions fully first, otherwise you may break plastic parts!

 - The wire coloring may be slightly different to these photos (red = white and black = black). 

1. Align the corners and terminals. 2. On flat surface, push the driver in firmly. It should snap into place.

3. Slide the audio cable into the groove.

3. Slide until the end meets the driver.

4. Connect red connector onto the smaller terminal.

4. Push the connector all the way in.

5. Push the black connector onto the bigger terminal.

5. Make sure it is all the way in. May need small amount of wiggling.

6. Bend the terminals in like this. They will spring back and not touch the driver.

7. Align the enclosure with the cable. Push down firmly. It will snap into place.

8. Repeat the same steps for the other channel

9. Slide on the Elite Strap adaptor and push like below. It will feel quite tight.  WARNING: Do not apply force on the prongs. They will break!

10. The ends should align with the adaptor like this. You can adjust the height later.

11. Clip the headphones by hooking the bottom, then snap in over the top.

12. Route the cable between the top strap, and secure with velcro cable ties.